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SDData enables subject matter experts to securely and appropriately access data via its APIs, created for Big Data access, data mining and data presentation. Custom APIs can be created on request, to configure data collection parameters for validation and other purposes.

Case Study

World Media & Technology Corp. is a Life Sensing Technology leader, an innovative, connected wearable device designer and a human big data global provider. It has a large and growing database of biometric data which it offers to development partners as well as providing support for Wor(l)d's Lifelog. SDData is developing APIs and an SDK so that this data can be securely accessed by Helo App developers who offer the apps to the Helo App Store.



At the center of this concept are people’s health, life, and wellbeing. And Vyvo launches the first Digital Health Profile that will become a central and pivotal point in daily life in the very near future, able to help people and doctors manage, treat, improve, and safeguard people’s health

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Silicon Docks is recognised as a Global Tech Hub and is the nickname for the area in Dublin, Ireland around Grand Canal Dock, stretching to the International Financial Services Centre, city centre east and city centre south near the Grand Canal.

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